Pronunciation activities

Primary Pronunciation Box: Pronunciation games and activities for younger learners (Cambridge Copy Collection)

Phonic friends (Level 1 Activity: whole class 'sound awareness', individual 'listen and spell' activity)

Phonic phrases (Level 1 Activity: whole class bingo game)

The cat (Level 1 Activity: rhyme, individual puzzle)

Letter group (Level 1 Activity: individual colour dictation)

Alphabet palette (Level 1 Activity: individual 'listen and colour' rap)

Sound stickers (Level 1 Activity: pairwork sound differentiation stickers)

The bear (Level 2 Activity: whole class jazz chant, individual classification puzzle)

Rhyming words ( Level 2 Activity: individual matching puzzle)

Compass vowels (Level 3 Activity: whole class chant and matching activity, pairwork writing)

Sounds around (Level 3 Activity: small group board game)